Light passes through the blinds. Feel it!


to listen, observe, and learn from inside.

A new workplace has lost its « newness » in less than one year.

To maintain the benefit of your asset, it is key to listen to your people and understand the evolution of their way of working and the impact on your premises. Watching their behaviours when expressing their « latent » needs can be facilitated with a « serious game » : the Workplace Game ©, developed by the Dutch Research Institute CfPB (for further information).

We are accredited by the CfPB to lead workshops using the Workplace Game.

In France, we collaborate with global players in the industry (top office furniture manufacturers, architects and RE companies) to support you throughout the different steps of your change management process, including the Workplace Game.

In Central Europe and Turkey, we offer a comprehensive analysis to establish new guidelines for workplace policies and management practices. We can also collaborate with your local partners if you are engaged in a change management process.