Time is precious : Save it!

Conferences, seminars & training sessions
to save time. 

Your Corporate Real Estate teams cannot attend every event related to workplace. In an hyper connected and mobile era, it is easy to get the information you need but it is time-consuming to understand and digest this abundant flow.

By following the sector’s conferences and events, we offer condensed information focused on key topics which are relevant for/to your organisation.

Wake Up Your Workplace leverages active membership to CoreNet Global. We take part in the annual event organised by the EMEA division, as well as the monthly events led by the French Chapter. We also contribute to the Young Leaders group at CoreNet Global.

We benefit from every Worktech session in Europe to enrich our knowledge on the impact of innovations in the workplace and in new ways of working.

We attend other main events in the industry (Bureaux expo, Orgatec, Salone del Mobile di Milano, Neo Con…).

We also partner with coworking spaces, research institutes and other players in the industry to share points of view and update our knowledge of workplace trends.